UK IronMan 70.3 – a (not so) brief guide…

7 06 2012

I am in no way an expert triathlete, I’m pretty average, so I’ve avoided giving specific race advice because it’s your race and should be based on your training. If you want to know something in particular, put a comment at the bottom, or drop me a message through the “contact me” page. Read the rest of this entry »


It’s starting to look a lot like a season…

26 01 2012

So, slowly but surely, I’m developing what could loosely be called a Season Plan.

 Until recently it was looking quite different to the last couple, there wasn’t much running in it at all, but slowly things are creeping in that might just change that.  Read the rest of this entry »

Dear Brain…

7 12 2011

Dear Brain,

Please stop being weird.



Or, in more detail…

So after a couple of weeks of feeling pretty miserable about everything I concluded it was time to buck up my ideas. Do something proactive about next year and have some goals; after a conversation with my Mother (hello Mum!) and some consideration I decided to enter IronMan UK 70.3, a half-iron distance race at a place called Wimbleball. I’ve done it three times taking 6:55 (’08), 6:22 (’09) and 5:48 (’10). Last year I took the year off, and I missed the event.

After entering the change in motivation was almost instant! I finally had a goal again, and I got on the training like a tramp on chips. 

Honestly, this is fun - Wimbleball 2010

And this was followed by another slump. I’m not sure what brought this one on, conversation with my coach was that it was just “another one of those weeks” I was very mildly ill, not even worthy of the term Man Flu, but skipped sessions as a result. I have the remainder of this week and next week with some pretty light training, enough to keep me sane and to keep my body moving, then I’ve got two weeks away where I’ll be active every day with skiing and the like, but won’t be training specifically. I’m looking forward to this break, the only focus during this time will be to keep up with the exercises the physio has given me, and see what, if anything, else I fancy doing. 

I’m finally feeling optimistic about next year again, I’m starting to think that training isn’t such a bad thing, I just need to get my body fixed up and go from there. 

Oh yeah, the weird brain thing…

Apart from this up and down changes in feelings about the task ahead, there’s also the dreams! I had an incredibly vivid dream the other morning that I was in the Transition area for IronMan UK, but suddenly I noticed it was all a bit quiet around me. Everyone was already swimming. I got to the water, with my wetsuit on, and I was an hour late for the swim; the commentator looked at me and said “Well, give it a go, jump on in, but I’m not sure I like your chances” and as my face went under the water I woke up. Cut off time’s 2 hours 20 minutes and I swam 1:07 there, so I’d like to think I would have made it. But where did this come from?!? There was a similar story (though only about 10 minutes late) on The Age Grouper Podcast recently, that might be it.

So come on brain; stick with the optimistic outlook on the training, stop having weird dreams, and maybe we can improve on 2010’s 33rd in Age Group next year…

 (Oh, and don’t let me catch you looking at the Ultra trail du Mont Blanc website again, you silly brain!)