Well when did that happen?

5 01 2014

It’s been well over a year since I last managed to blog, how time flies! What’s happened in the mean time?

Well, I never made it to Whistler for IronMan Canada; I was made redundant in April, and decided that I couldn’t afford it anymore. I did a couple of other races over the summer – an event called “The Marketing Industry Triathlon” which I was made aware of by Iain Martin of Skipedia (so he has marketing credentials to be there, I was just unemployed so could race on a Friday!) I learned a valuable thing; if you race on a Friday not many people turn up you can do OK, I placed 7th!

I may have missed IM Canada, but at least I missed the bear on the run!

I may have missed IM Canada, but at least I missed the bear on the run!

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How I’ve found being Vegan…

2 02 2012

So today officially marks the final day of Vegan Month, and it’s bean OK (pun intended). A big congratulations to my brother who’s done much better than I have (apart from a Quaver incident!) but I’ve not been the strictest of Vegans, there have been failures along the way. Read the rest of this entry »

The Occasional Mistake…

17 10 2011
I had an excellent Biology teacher at school, Mrs. Nowacka; one of the things she always said was that we shouldn’t worry about getting things wrong, so long as we learn from our mistakes.

I try to live by this, but sometimes I lapse. One repeated mistake usually occurs when I have a train journey coming up and nothing to read. I peruse the shelves of magazines and consider something about Classic Cars, Land Rovers or another tri magazine telling me exactly the same stuff as the last one I read did. The tri magazine tends to win, but occasionally I make a mistake.

I see something on the shiney cover and I think “that looks interesting” and before I know it I’ve done it… I’ve bought a men’s wellbeing magazine. There are several of them, some are worse than others, but they are always shit. Read the rest of this entry »