The Occasional Mistake…

17 10 2011
I had an excellent Biology teacher at school, Mrs. Nowacka; one of the things she always said was that we shouldn’t worry about getting things wrong, so long as we learn from our mistakes.

I try to live by this, but sometimes I lapse. One repeated mistake usually occurs when I have a train journey coming up and nothing to read. I peruse the shelves of magazines and consider something about Classic Cars, Land Rovers or another tri magazine telling me exactly the same stuff as the last one I read did. The tri magazine tends to win, but occasionally I make a mistake.

I see something on the shiney cover and I think “that looks interesting” and before I know it I’ve done it… I’ve bought a men’s wellbeing magazine. There are several of them, some are worse than others, but they are always shit. Read the rest of this entry »


Sur les Traces des Ducs de Savoie

30 09 2011

In the footsteps of the Dukes of the Savoie

Warning: this is 6,955words long. That’s LONG

Warning 2: Contains profanities, from early on, but not huge in number.

Col du Joly, >80km run, vert. climbed ~5,530m, alt. 1,989m, running time ~19.5 hrs

26th August 0424, text from Dad:   “Daylight soon ”
26th August 0430, reply:     “Can’t come soon enough, this is fucking grim…”

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First Race of the Season – and a Return to Sprints!

5 05 2011

“How can an event be called a sprint if it takes an hour?”
A very valid question.

How My Day Started
At 0400 my alarm went off, and I hit snooze.Snooze! (Image from Preparedness Pro)

At 0405 my alarm went off, and I hit snooze.
Do you see a pattern yet?
I did, eventually, get out of bed at 0415 and realise that I was now running behind schedule.

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