California… Day 2

17 06 2014

My day started about 2am, I’d kept going until 10pm, but woke up feeling pretty fresh at 2. One of my dubious talents is the ability to stay in bed, even  if I’m feeling pretty awake. I watched some junk on tv for 15 minutes and was soon back asleep until 0615 when  I decided it was getting ridiculous, so got up and unpacked my case.

A good few minutes were lost to wandering around my room, marginally dazed trying to figure out WHERE THE HELL IS THE WARDROBE? It got to the point I was considering calling the front desk… could I be defeated by a wardrobe,  sorry, closet?

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Iain’s First Business Trip – California Day 1

16 06 2014

OK, so this is something of a deviation from what I’d normally write about, but I thought it might be fun to make observations about my first business trip – I’ve been sent to Palo Alto for a week. I suspect the blogging won’t last – the week is probably going to consist pretty heavily of “went to the office, went to some meetings” but it’s Saturday and I’ve been awake for over 22 hours now (with some sleep on the plane) to try and get through the jetlag, and frankly I’m possibly a bit delirious. Read the rest of this entry »

“Fail to prepare, prepare to fail”

10 05 2014

There’s a well-known ultra-runner called Karl Meltzer, whom I’ve heard say “100 miles is not that far”.

I disagree; if you’ve not done the training 26.2 miles IS that far.

It’s far enough to kick one’s ass.

It certainly kicked mine.

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Well when did that happen?

5 01 2014

It’s been well over a year since I last managed to blog, how time flies! What’s happened in the mean time?

Well, I never made it to Whistler for IronMan Canada; I was made redundant in April, and decided that I couldn’t afford it anymore. I did a couple of other races over the summer – an event called “The Marketing Industry Triathlon” which I was made aware of by Iain Martin of Skipedia (so he has marketing credentials to be there, I was just unemployed so could race on a Friday!) I learned a valuable thing; if you race on a Friday not many people turn up you can do OK, I placed 7th!

I may have missed IM Canada, but at least I missed the bear on the run!

I may have missed IM Canada, but at least I missed the bear on the run!

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Hello world, it’s been a while!

23 08 2012

  I keep glancing at my watch; a year ago it was 18:15 in the Alps, on the last Thursday before the bank holiday*, and I was on my feet (probably). I had been for 9 Hours and 15 minutes. I had no idea that I would be on them for another 21 hours and 49 minutes, I was still vaguely on target for a 24 hour finish. Read the rest of this entry »

UK IronMan 70.3 – a (not so) brief guide…

7 06 2012

I am in no way an expert triathlete, I’m pretty average, so I’ve avoided giving specific race advice because it’s your race and should be based on your training. If you want to know something in particular, put a comment at the bottom, or drop me a message through the “contact me” page. Read the rest of this entry »

And so it begins…

30 05 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, my season has begun.

And it’s actually been going quite well.

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