About Me…


Feeling broken


Probably more detail than you need…

Name: Iain MacNaughtan
Born: Yes I was… oh, January 1983 (Aquarius!).
Place of Birth: Reading, UK
Home: Forest Hill – South East London
Occupation: Spreadsheet Geek or “MIS Analyst”… but Spreadsheet Geek is all the detail needed.
Height: 183cm
Inside Leg: 33 inches – just in case you ever want to buy me trousers
Weight: 69kg’s to 76kg’s (that’s race weight to beer-induced-holiday weight)
First Triathlon: Thames Turbo Sprint – May 2007
Coach: Darryl Carter – Target Fitness (since 2009); his blog of being fast is here
Detail done, time to be a bit more general about exercise and stuff…
From a strong background of avoiding exercise at all costs I had a few sporting misadventures a long the way – at the age of 14 I was put into the School Sports Day 1,500m run in the D team (there were 4 teams, and we were all out of other choices, so it came to me) I set a new school record for being the slowest person to complete the distance. My pain caused such entertainment that my peers put me in for the same distance the following year on this occasion another “competitor” slowed to a walk on the back straight to eat a polo – mint. This nutritional break didn’t help him out, and so I scored some points for the team, possibly my finest moment at a school sports event! This allowed me to retire from school sports days on a high!
I also discovered about this time that I was reasonably handy at sailing and skiing, so wasn’t entirely without exercise, but running? Pah! No Chance.
In 2005 I went on a climbing trip with my then housemate to the French alps. We read that the fitter you were, the more you’d enjoy it, so running started, and soon Nick announced he was entering Cardiff  Marathon… I couldn’t let him have all the glory so I entered it too. 4 hours, 16 minutes and 48 seconds later I crossed the finish line in the Millennium Stadium, and commenced my recovery nutrition with a few pints of Stella Artois; athletic!
I returned to my exercising hibernation, with occasional runs and bike rides but nothing of note.
In 2006 I graduated with a BSc Microbiology, moved to London and went to work for a utilities company (as one does with a degree in Microbiology!) Soon I started to eat a lot of pizza, and drink a lot of beer. I needed to combat this lifestyle, I needed to find some kind of exercise to do… I’d always wanted to have a road-bike and I thought it would be good to be able to swim properly; so, one April day, I went out and bought a Triathlon Starter Kit and soon entered my first race.
Since then I’ve raced Sprint, Olympic and Half-IronMan distance. I have developed a bit of a habit of picking reasonably tough courses, UK IronMan 70.3 is one of my favourites, and over the three years I’ve done it I’ve seen my times drop from 6 hours 55 to 5 hours 48. I’ve become a bit of a triathlon geek and now seek out the lightest, fastest kit I can afford, and lust after the gear that I can’t afford.
In 2010 I started long distance running, a bit of a change from the school 1,500m I ran day 1 of “The Pilgrim’s Challenge” a 33 mile off-road run in 6:42, and finished my racing season with the London to Brighton (56 miles, off-road) in 12:41, which gave me qualifying points for the TDS, a 110km ultra-marathon around Mont Blanc.

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